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A7V Troubleshooting
Why the heck is there a tank ?!?

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Why the heck is there a tank ?!?

Well, you think the first A7V was produced in 2000, don't you?

Guess what, you're wrong.

The first A7V was produced 1917. It was was a lot more expensive than our A7Vs are - and you had to pay in Reichsmark.
So, the ASUS A7V shares its name with the Sturmpanzerwagen A7V, the first german tank. It was built in the last two years of World War I. What you see in the picture, actually, is "A7V Troubleshooting". Trouble is referring to the burning British tank in the background, which was definitely considered "trouble" by A7V tank crews back then in 1917/18. The tank was named after the responsible department, which was "Abteilung 7, Verkehrswesen".

The Image used for creating the "A7V Troubleshooting" title is (c) by Tank Club in 3D . See it's A7V Page for details and more pictures. Thanks to Oleg Pomoshnikov and Sergey Pchelkin, the creators of the site, for allowing me to use this fine picture. More details on the A7V can be found over at Panzernet (Thanks to Yardpig for the link).

Well, did you ever spot how militaristic the naming of motherboards has become ? Another fine example is the AK74 by DFI. It shares it's name with an russian assault rifle called Kalashnikov AK74. Click on the AK74 button below to learn more about this name mate of the DFI Motherboard :-)

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