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A7V Troubleshooting
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So, You've got trouble with your A7V ?

First of all, many Errors are so called "RTFM-Errors":

Yes, read it. Thoroughly. There might be interesting things in there, you know ;-)

Try the ASUS FAQs and Articles available from ASUS, too.

At there is another A7V FAQ. It's not absoultely up-to-date, but very helpful nonetheless

If you can't find your Problem here, or if the solutions don't help :

Search the Internet. Almost all questions have already been asked, almost all solutions are known (if there are any)

For A7V Troubleshooting, first search through the Support Pages of ASUS and the vendors of all your expansion cards. Chances are that a solution is available, or that some FAQ lists your problem.

Next, search on USENET (A very good source is the Newsgroup alt.comp.periphs.mainboard.asus, you can search it via DEJA.COM)

Next, search our Forum as well as the Sites and Forums mentioned in the Links Section

If your problem is not extremly exotic, you should by now either have found a solution - or the information that the problem is known, but there's no solution at this point of time.

If not ... try asking on one of the mentiond forums - preferrably our forum :-)

What is your Problem ?

"My A7V is dead" or "A7V hangs during boot" or "Problem is not listed" (General Troubleshooting)

"I flashed my BIOS, now I cannot boot" (or other BIOS related problems)

"I experience lockups / crashes / rebooting / Blue Screens"

"I have Interrupt Sharing Problems" (included in "crashes" section)

"CPU Temperature is too high" (Normal are maximum ~40°C Idle, ~50-60°C load)

"Booting is slow" or "There is a delay while loading windows"

"Harddisk (or controller, or other drive) is having problems"
(Either the ATA100 or ATA66, incl. data corruption / CRC Errors, not being able to boot from ATA100 or RAID)

"My LS-120 Super Floppy is not working and / or shows up as two drives in Windows"

"The image quality I get with my GeForce 2 (MX) is not good at all."

"My A7V266 / 266-E doesn't remember it's BIOS settings"
There is an error in the manual regarding the CMOS memory reset jumper (CLR_RTC):
It should read To clear, place a jumper on it, in normal operation DON'T place a jumper on it.The manual tells it the other way round (To clear take off jumper, normal is with jumper) I repeat: DO NOT place a jumper there during normal operation, this might damage your mainboard! In the forum there were quite a few posts about boards loosing date and settings after having been run with that jumper in place.

"On A7V266 or A7V266-E: I cannot set the Vcore to the right value, it's always above 1.8V"
Try to set the jumpers in the VROS to these settings:
Vid4 1-2
Vid3 1-2
Vid2 none
Vid1 1-2
Additionally, see the first and second page of this topic in the forums.

"On A7V : My CPU is shown with less Mhz than it should have (eg. Athlon1000 is shown as Athlon750)"
The classic A7V only supports 100Mhz Front Side Bus (FSB). Many Athlons are supposed to run with 133Mhz FSB and thus have amultiplier of 7.5 for 100Mhz (133*7.5=1000). If you have such an FSB133 Athlon it will only run with a part of it's rated speed on the A7V. Either get a Athlon meant for 100FSB, or unlock the CPU and set the Multiplier by hand. Thiscurrently only works for Multiplier up to 12.5! (Note: FSB100 is often referred to as FSB200, and FSB133 as FSB266. This is due to the Athlon having a Double Data Rate DDR CPU interface which transfers 2 data words per clock cycle. Effectively this makes 200Mhz from 100Mhz)

"On A7V133 or 266: My CPU is shown with less Mhz than it should have (eg. Athlon1300 is shown as Athlon1000)"
The A7V133/266 support 133Mhz FSB, but sometimes have trouble identifying a CPU as an 133FSB part. Set the FSB to 133 by hand, either in BIOS or by switches in "jumper mode". (Note: FSB100 is often referred to as FSB200, and FSB133 as FSB266. This is due to the Athlon having a Double Data Rate DDR CPU interface which transfers 2 data words per clock cycle. Effectively this makes 200Mhz from 100Mhz)

"Onboard Sound is having interferences as soon as I move the mouse"
See this thread in the forum

"A7V266-E : Crackling/popping on sound with Creative Labs. SoundBlaster PCI 128"
First ensure the sound card is not sharing an interrupt.
For Windows 98: Enter BIOS setup utility (manual P.49) and under Advanced->Chip Configuration->PCI to DRAM Prefetch ->[Always Prefetch] change the setting to [Prefetch only enhance command] (From Paradigm Computers)
For WindowsXP: set thePCI Latency Timer to 128 (Thanks to Nikola)

"I have trouble installing / loading an Operating System"
With processors faster that 1GHz, setting the FSB to exactly 100MHz was reported to help with crashes / Blue Screens during OS installs. The "exactly 100Mhz" setting is described in the Troubleshooting : Crashes Section.
You may also find help in this Howto Guide

"A7V is unstable after waking from standby"
Try to use BIOS 1003 (or the newest one). 1004 was reported to have problems after resuming from standby.

"In A7V BIOS 1005C "optimal" setting go back to "normal" every time I change anything else"
Set it to optimal, directly after that hit F10 to save the config. Do this as the last thing before restarting, because if you change anything else afterwards it will revert again.

With A7V BIOS 1005 "No System Disk" at Boot
Disable the Virus Warning in BIOS.

"My AGP is only 1X or 2X while it should be 4X"
Extensive Info on how to fix this can be found here

"My VooDoo2 card does not work"
The problem is with the Athlon CPU and not with the mainboard. Use the ATHLON compatible drivers from

"Some JPG Pictures show up distorted or as garbage"
Check if your chip die is damaged (chipped or cracked). Double check with a undamaged processor.
This may also be caused by a flawed AMD Processor. See this page for a test and detailed info.

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