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GeForce 2 MX Image not sharp enough

Problem : The Image quality of your GeForce 2 (MX) card is not acceptable at all

Solution :

The HF Filter part of your card is either badly designed or of minor quality. Go to Porotuner's site for a guide on how to modify your card.

Basically, it involves shorting a few (max. 6) Inductors and, optionally, removing a few (max. 9) capacitors.

I decited to do it the easiest way and just shorted the inductors using electrically conductive "paint", which is normally used for repairing broken conductors on printed circuits (...or to unlock Durons, hehe)

That not only makes it easy to modify, but it's also quite easy to reverse ... using a cloth and some thinner to wipe off the paint ... just in case one has to return it for warranty ...

It did not help completely (but perhaps that's only because of my quite old monitor), but now the images I get are visiby sharper !

This will void your warranty and most probably also the FCC license. So, nothing to worry about ;-) Let's go !

Before the mod ...

... and after.
Update :

I just got e-mail from this guy telling that removing the capacitors is the most effective thing, the inductors are not that important. Hmmm ... my picture is not really sharp now ... improved, but not SHARP. Well, I fired up my soldering irons and kicked those capacitors.

Guess what ? Crystal clear images now. Not fuzzy any more. If you have a GeForce 2 or MX, I heartily recommend reading this page mentioned at top.

When I first read it I thought it was a Hoax, but after thinking a while (about what removing and shorting these things means in electrical terms) and reading postings on Usenet, I decited to give it a try.

So ... this is NO HOAX!

Remember : No Risk - No Fun ... No Brain - No Pain.

That's quite a delicate work! Do this only if you're a pro - or know someone who can do it for you !

You'll need a special SMD soldering iron with a very thin tip ...

That's without the capacitors ...

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