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A7V Troubleshooting
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General Troubleshooting

This happens if you want to boot the A7V :

When you connect the power to the PowerSupplyUnit (or switch the PSU on) the A7V powers up for a few seconds with all fans spinning. It then powers down again. This is normal, but does not happen always.

You then press the ATX powerswitch on your computer case's front panel and the A7V boots ...

Normally the , Boot sequence is as follows :

What is happening? This is what you see ...
VGA BIOS The Graphics Card BIOS may display a boot screen, probably telling you things like the date of the bios, type of chip, amount of ram etc.
( Power On Self Test)
Pre-Boot The BIOS clears the screen and shows a listing of PCI devices and the assigned IRQs.
ATA 100 BIOS If it's not disabled, the promise ATA 100 onboard controller BIOS clears the screen, searches for devices and displays the status of this search.
OS Load

The Operating System takes over. First it's showing a message by the Bootloader, Windows 9x for example displays:

"... Loading Windows 9x"

Where are you stuck ?

Problem :

My A7V is dead, it won't POST

Problem :

won't boot, it's stuck after POST / in Pre-Boot / ATA 100 BIOS

Problem :

won't finish loading OS (not available yet)

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