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Files for Creative Labs Soundblaster PCI 128

Drivers for Windows 9x, NT4 and WDM Drivers (98SE & 2000) dated May 2000 2,06MB

For Soundcard# (Or chip #?) 5880&1371&1373, works for SB PCI 64 with 1373 chip, too

Many people were complaining that there are no win2000 drivers for this soundcard except those that shipped with win2000, which are claimed to be buggy and missing features. This driver set (originally for a Intel 810 motherboard) could help. They helped me to get my PCI64 to work properly in 98SE with WDM drivers, anyway. See if they help you, too. No wavesets included, reduces the filesize from 17MB to 2 MB :-)

I got these files from an intel server i cant remember now. But there are even newer drivers at another intel server (dated august). Both the ones posted here and the ones at intel are not available through Creative Labs websites, as far as i know.

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