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A7V Troubleshooting
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Inofficial modified BIOS versions for A7V

I tested these files and found them to work OK. I guarantee that I did not intentinally modify these files to do harm. But I cannot and will not guarantee for anything that happens when you use these files.

Use all these BIOSes at your own risk!

A7V133 1007 and A7V 1009 with older Promise ROM

These modifications replace the newer Build 42 Promise ROM with an older Build 35. Some people complained about various problems with Build 42, including not being able to boot from ATA100, taking longer to detect drives and disappearing drives in windows.

A7V133 1007e

A7V 1009e

1003 BIOSes with newer PROMISE BIOS

Why use the 1003 BIOS ? See "Temperature Issues"

You may want to use 1007/FXD, as this essentially has the same idle temperature drop effect, but with the features and fixes of 1007. The author, however, decited not to make this BIOS publically available. His page is at

By the way, 1003 has one unsolved issue, as far as I know. In Windows 2000, all devices on the secondary IDE Controller channel don't work.

These files were modified by me using CBROM. The Promise bios is replaced by the one from newer BIOSes (or left out) and the bootlogo is changed to a tribal tattoo like one (see picture above).

Preferrably use AFLASH.EXE to flash these files in pure DOS mode

Please note : These BIOSes are not "Hacked". Only the promise controller part was exchanged for a newer one or left out. Nothing has been changed in the main bios part which provides the functionality! These BIOSes are not modified for lower temperature - 1003 generally has potentially lower idle temperature.

Bios 1003e2 (Promise Ultra ATA 100 Bios 2.01 Build 28 from 1004C)

Bios 1003e3 (Promise Ultra ATA 100 Bios 2.01 Build 33 from 1005A)

Bios 1003e4 (Promise Ultra ATA 100 Bios 2.01 Build 35 from 1007)

These files do NOT cure the "disappearing ide controller in win 2k" issue. You have to use 1004 or later for that :-(

Bios 1003e (Promise Ultra ATA 100 Bios removed) 138KB

Do not use THIS bios (1003e) if you have your boot partition on a harddisk connected to the ATA 100 controller! You cannot boot from the ATA100 controller with this BIOS ! The controller works, you can still use the drives connected to it, but is not bootable!
Using this bios essentially has the same effect as disabling the ata 100 bios in version 1004 or later

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