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A7V Troubleshooting
Why the heck is there a tank ?!?

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Performance overview - full load

(all values are °C, lower is better, 95°C is maximum allowable Temperature)

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Overview: Designs
Test Setup
The Candidates
Overview: Performance
The Candidates in Detail : Standard Cooler: What You Might Get With Your PC
ADDA: Average Design, Average Performance
AAVID: Average Design, But With A Little More Effort
Cooler Master: Nothing New On Western Front
Dynatron: Highly Innovative Micro Fin Design
Elan Vital: Good Design, But Less Than Average Performance
Globe Cooler: Another Two Uninspired Desins
KingWin: Very Good Details But Average Performance
TaiSol: Design And Performance A Little Above Average
Thermaltake: Light And A Bit Of Shadow
Tiger Electronics: Different designs, Average performance

Overview: All Results


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